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Our microbial biostimulant range includes Mycortex, BactoLife DP104, BactoLife SD, BactoLife Pond Treatment and BioRoote.

Mycortex contains a range of specially selected microbial and extract based biostimulants, and is incorporated into the soil to enhance the rhizosphere.

BactoLife DP104 can be used as a soil treatment as well as a foliar spray to help improve nutrient uptake by the plant.

BactoLife SD helps digest organic matter. It helps to reduce carry over of disease from one season to the next by accelerating digestion of dead plant material that would otherwise host fungal spores. It can also be used as a compost activator.

BioRoote enhances root mass and is applied as a soil drench where it will come into contact with the root easily Alternatively, it can be used as a root dip for modules prior to planting.

Increases nitrogen levels in plants and soil. BactoLife AZ contains a specially selected bacterial consortium that act as nitrogen fixers, taking nitrogen from the air and making it available for plant nutrition.

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Unique consortium of beneficial bacteria and fungi

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A dispersible powder containing selected fungal and bacterial species that have been optimised for breaking down herbaceous material.

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Mycorrhizae are specific beneficial fungi that develop a symbiotic relationship with plants. Intensive farming has depleted much of the biology of agricultural soils, including mycorrhizae.

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Mycortex contains a range of specially selected microbial and extract based biostimulants. Stimulation and promotion of root growth.

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