Chase SM4 for Vegetables and Flowers


Chase SM4 is a liquid plant feed enriched with seaweed extract and balanced nutrients, all approved for organic farming.

With an NPK analysis of 5-2-5, together with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and other trace elements, Chase SM4 provides a complete animal free plant feed with all the benefits of seaweed.

A concentrated formula for cost effective results, Chase SM4 can be used on container grown plants and those growing in soil.

Seaweed Extract specialists

Chase Organics has over 60 years of experience supplying seaweed extract to growers wanting to improve their crop quality and yield, and plant resistance to disease, drought and other stress conditions. Our Chase SM6 and SM3 seaweed extract hold Soil Association “Approved”  status for use on organically grown crops.

Commercial & Garden Applications

Our Chase SM6 and Chase SM3 are recognised today as valuable inputs for virtually any crop. They have been proved to increase income by boosting yield, whilst also reducing requirements of other fertilisers and inputs.

For farmers and growers, we advise the use of Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract.

For home gardens and allotments, we recommend Chase SM3 Seaweed Extract to put more food on the table at harvest time.