Frequently asked questions

  • What is the pH level?

    Our seaweed extract is mildly acidic with a pH of 4.6.

  • What is the concentration of seaweed?

    Our seaweed extract contains no less than 30% w/v soluble seaweed solids.

  • Does it contain preservatives?

    Food grade preservatives are added after extraction.

  • Is it organic?

    Our extract is approved by the UK Soil Association for use in organic cultivation and animal feed.

  • Will it flow through nozzle when spraying?

    Our extract is suitable for use in conventional liquid application systems. A bucket test is advised for mixtures with other substances of unknown compatibility.

  • How does it enhance growth?

    Our extract is a concentration of naturally occurring bioactive compounds from A. nodosum seaweed. Due to the difficult growth conditions in the seaweed’s natural environment (rough seas, low availability of light and nutrients), they have evolved to produce a range of powerful bioactives that, when applied to land plants, have been shown to improve not only growth, but quality, resilience, yield and overall soil health too.

  • Why choose Algaflex?

    Algaflex can be used on all crop types, it provides rapid promotion of plant and root growth, enhanced fruit yield and quality, and a greater tolerance to environmental stresses and diseases.

    Algaflex is produced by a chemical-free extraction method, resulting in its mildly acidic pH. This preserves the naturally-occurring bioactive ingredients for crop uptake and stops unwanted precipitation of salts, allowing for use in conventional liquid application systems.

    Compared to competing products, Algaflex has the highest concentration of key bioactives within its 30% w/v suspended solids, which provide the desired biostimulating effects at lower product application rates.

    Algaflex has been shown to increase marketable yield, lengthen product shelf life and have cumulative beneficial effects on soil ecosystems.

    Algaflex boasts high customer satisfaction- most users buy again.

  • What are the Bioactives?

    The key bioactives in our seaweed extract are: plant hormones (gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins), polysaccharides (alginic acid, fucoidans, laminarins), polyphenols, betaines and mannitol.

    Plant hormones contribute to seed, shoot and fruit development and plant growth.

    The polysaccharides in our extract improve soil structure, aid plant defences and promote beneficial microbial activity.

    Polyphenols, mannitol and betaines increase stress tolerance in plants.

    Our extract also contains a range of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, which researchers believe to work synergistically alongside the key bioactives to achieve the observed benefits of our seaweed extract.

  • What crops can benefit?

    Algaflex can be used on all crop types such as vines, fruits and berries, tropical and sub-tropical crops, tree nuts, cereals, field crops, potatoes, vegetable crops, fruiting vegetable crops and legumes. Algaflex can even be used for ornamentals and cut flowers, pastures and amenity turf.

  • How should the extract be applied?

    As a rule of thumb, SM6 is applied as a foliar spray of 1 – 1.4 – 2.8 L/ha diluted with 220 - 440 L/ha water. A total of 5.6 L/ha SM6 per crop growing season can be split between 2 sprays of 2.8 L/ha, 4 x 1.4 L/ha or even 6 x 1 L/ha. Applications depend on the type of crop and how many times the crop may be sprayed during a growing season. We recommend adding the mixture halfway through the watering program to ensure the system is subsequently flushed out. The mixture can also be used as a root dip for seedling transplant, at a dilution of 1:200 in water.

  • Where can I buy Chase seaweed extract biostimulants?

    You can purchase Chase organic liquid fertilisers on directly or via the website product pages.

  • Which Chase organic fertilisers can I purchase online?

    The full range of Chase seaweed extracts is available to buy on

  • How much do Chase seaweed liquid fertilisers cost?

    They start at £16.99 for 1 litre.

  • What sizes are available?

    There are 2 size options across the Chase organic fertiliser range: 1 litre or 5 litres.

  • How fast will I get my Chase seaweed extract?

    You get free delivery, with in-stock orders arriving in 2 - 3 working days.

  • Is Chase seaweed plant food dispatched from the UK?

    Yes. Chase seaweed extract products are manufactured in the UK.