Mycortex Rhizosphere enhancement

Mycortex contains a range of specially selected microbial and extract based biostimulants. These are then combined with a carrier, specifically chosen for your particular application method, which itself also acts as a food source for the microbes.

Unlike nutrient deficiencies, pests, or disease problems, it is difficult to identify a deficiency in the beneficial microbes required for a plant to meet its growth/yield potential. Mycortex covers all the bases, supplying a consortium of microbes and a range of biostimulants known to regularly induce yield uplift in many crops. Furthermore, these components act synergistically, improving their effectiveness and supporting microbial life far beyond the first application. Biotechnica’s experts in biostimulant formulation will then prepare your living Mycortex to order and tailor the formulation to suit your delivery system (see below). No filler is used, with 100% of ingredients being an active component of the system.

Information Sheet – MyCortex

Information Sheet – MycorAlgaAA