Contract manufacturing

In addition to our branded range of products, Biotechnica manufacture specific formulations for third parties.  Utilising the Biotechnica manufacturing facilities and expertise, we can formulate tailor-made biostimulant and biofertiliser products for your business.

Biotechnica produce and source a range of innovative active ingredients that are not available from competitors. These active ingredients are used in our core products, but can equally be utilised in your required formulation.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of seaweed extracts, we produce a range of extracts to meet our customers’ exact specifications. We primarily produce extracts of¬†Ascophyllum nodosum, but also routinely produce extracts of other British seaweed species. Extraction methods include synthetic, chemical free, cold, hot, and solvent based. We also produce a high quality spray dried soluble powdered seaweed extract using our unique chemical free extraction method.