How our products are used in the horticultural sector

Seaweed extracts are widely used in the horticultural sector as plant biostimulants. Known for their growth promoting effects, they can also aid tolerance to the stresses of drought, nutrient deficiency and extremes of temperature.

Seaweed extracts have an important role in enhancing soil health by stimulating soil microbes resulting in greater root activity. The stronger the root, the better the plant is able to withstand stresses caused by drought and pathogens.

Improvements in product quality are a key objective for horticulturalists and can have a significant financial benefit to growers of high value crops such as top fruit.

Benefits such as improved fruit set and fruit bud formation, and improved colour and skin texture have been recorded in top fruit. Better resistance to pest and disease attack results in heavier yields, boosting crop margins.

Glasshouse crops, field veg and top fruit are just some of the wide range of crops where our seaweed extracts are regularly used to achieve more reliable and consistent financial returns.

Our product range includes microbial biostimulants such as Mycortex which is incorporated into the soil or growing medium at the time of planting to generate a beneficial microbiome at the root zone. AlgaFlex (an extract based biostimulant), is well established as a biofertiliser and as a plant biostimulant.