How our products are used in agriculture

Seaweed extracts are used across a broad range of agricultural crops worldwide. They are particularly useful where the crop is under stress due to poor soil conditions, drought or extremes of temperature.

In potatoes, AlgaFlex is used to extend the bulking period and to improve tuber yield and dry matter content. In sugar beet, AlgaFlex promotes vigorous seedling establishment better able to withstand stresses that may cause bolting mid summer.

In cereals, seaweed extracts are used to increase yield and protein content. In grassland they are applied during spring growth to stimulate chlorophyll production.

Some of the beneficial effects of seaweed extracts are summarised below:

  • Stimulates physiological activity
  • Increases resistance to abiotic stress
  • Improves agronomic performance
  • More efficient uptake and assimilation of nutrients and metabolites
  • Optimises applications of other crop nutrition/protection products
  • Increases crop quality and yield
  • Stimulates lateral root growth
  • Promotes photosynthesis
  • Improves spraying efficiency as a natural chelating agent, and a cost effective adjuvant
  • Increases plant vigour and disease tolerance